Selling my awesome 74 vw bus on craigslist

Well, its that time again. Another awesome VW bus for sale! Here’s the copy for my latest awesome vw bus ad on craigslist.

Check out this amazingly awesome VW bus. You want it and you know it. See the way it holds that canoe? That could be YOUR bus under that canoe. When you drive around town, people will smile and wave simply because this thing is so freaking awesome. Strangers will want to be your friend and people of the opposite gender will find you irresistible. Just don’t expect to drive over 75 mph anywhere.

This is a 1974 camber bus (westfalia). When it is in camper mode, the top pops up to sleep 2 people on a nice comfy bed, while 2 people sleep on another nice comfy bed down below. That’s right, 4 people sleep comfortably in this beast. The engine is a 2.0 liter fuel injected 1979 model. It runs nice and smooth, starts every time and only leaks a little oil(they all do). This bus is my daily driver and has been all over Missouri and Arkansas.

I have included pictures of it on a campout, carying a canoe, and with a pig strapped on top and a giant sticker on the door for your enjoyment.

You may recall that this isn’t the first time I’ve had an awesome vw bus ad on craigslist.

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